Monitor Your Customers Continuously
with rSENSE

Monitor Your Users in Every Angle

Instantly monitor with Reachpeople your customers who visit your website and open or click on the e-mails you sent. As an alternative to cookies, monitor all the interactions of your users with rSENSE technology. Gather on and monitor from a single profile even though the visits to a website and read or clicked e-mails are on separate devices.

user tracking

user tracking

Learn the Location of Your Customers

Reachpeople finds and saves on profile the geographical locations of the users who contact you. Thanks to these information, you can create campaigns specific to a geographical location.

Never let anything escape your attention with real-time monitoring.

Reachpeople instantly sends all the behaviors and moves of your customers to your panel. Enjoy real-time monitoring with 0,1 second delay and take faster actions.

user tracking

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