Predict the next move of your users
with rPREDICT.

Predictable Information in Every Angle

While monitoring your users, Reachpeople also collects all semantic data in the area of user lifecycle. It reports the actions or the potential actions to be taken by users in their lifecycles. Thanks to these data combined with campaign automation, your users are triggered for the transformation prior to potential behaviors.

predictive marketing

predictive marketing

Observe the Value of Your Users with Lifecycle

Reachpeople reveals the whole interaction between user and your brand thanks to excellent rSENSE monitoring technology. You can easily observe what happened in a certain date. You can create rule-based campaigns with marketing automation.

Feel your Users *Beta

Reachpeople reads the next behaviors of your customers using machine learning technology. Find out the interest of the customers in your industry who are created by your brand. Create campaigns according to these data.

predictive marketing

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