Control Your Customers in Every Angle
with rPEOPLE

Monitor Your Users in Every Angle

Thanks to Reachpeople, you can gather your customers on a single platform and keep their information here securely. Reachpeople rSENSE monitors the behaviors of your users on your website and regularly processes their data on customer profile card. Thus, their information is always updated.

advanced crm

advanced crm

All Activities on a Single Screen

Reachpeople opens a CRM card for each of your user. All the activities* performed by a user are saved in this card and you can track these moves with a single window.
* Website visit information, e-mail reading-clicking reports etc.

Smart Segment Management

Reachpeople can group your users easily thanks to rule-based automation or campaign automation. You can create your segments with the rules you provide and, thanks to campaign automation, can transfer your users to different segments according to their behaviors.

advanced crm

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