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#1 User Tracking

Instantly monitor with Reachpeople your customers who visit your website and open or click on the e-mails you sent. As an alternative to cookies, monitor all the interactions of your users with rSENSE technology. Gather on and monitor from a single profile even though the visits to a website and read or clicked e-mails are on separate devices.

#2 Emotion-Focused Enrichment

It is very important to find out and discover what your potential customers think. Reachpeople is tracking your customers and trying to understand the feelings and emotions. Reachpeople combines and enrich demographic information and emotion-based behaviours.

#3 Predictive Engine

Reachpeople tracks the next behaviors of your customers using machine learning technology. Find out the interest of the customers in your industry who are created by your brand. Create campaigns according to these data.

#4 Augmented Audience

Reachpeople Customer Data Platform helps you reach the right advertising audience with the right message using machine learning. Increase your acquisition rates with smarter “act-alike” audiences in Facebook, Google and other advertising platforms.

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