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Automate the entire customer journey with visual customer data platform software that helps you connect, and stay closer to your customers than ever before. No hours sank into aggregating and cleaning data. No complex SQL queries required. Just the answers teams need to make smarter decisions, fast. Now, that's data-driven.

Management Tools

Next-Generation CRM

Manage your customers from a single platform.

User Tracking

Track your customers, understand them.

User Segmentation

Easily organize and group your customers.

Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing flow for greater efficiency and speed.

User Scoring & Staging

Which users are more powerful? Position your customers.

Predictive Marketing

Predict the next move of your users.

Action Channels

E-mail Marketing

Do more effective email marketing.

Push Notification

Send personalized push notifications.


Make behavior-based pop-ups on your website.

Facebook Ads

Manage your Facebook Ads Custom Audiences with Reachpeople Automations.

Google Adwords

Manage your Google Adwords Custom Audiences with Reachpeople Automations.

Other Integration

Integrate hundreds of applications with Zapier.

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