Data-Driven Marketing Automation

Unique Capabilities

Interpret the Anonymous Traffick Easier

Grab the data of your web-site visitors. View the interactions and simplify the complex customer behaviour

Grab More Potential

Identify potential cutomers visiting your web site and grab their data. Increase the sales rate with personalised campaigns.

Take Action Pursuant to User Behavior

Create campaigns in accordance with the behaviors of the users in your website. Offer pro active campaings to customers with prediction.

One To One Marketing Automation

Group customers according to their interest. Create personalised campaigns and increase sales rate.

Predictive Marketing

Learn about your customers' purchasing trends with "Customer Lifecycle Stage".

Your customer's trends towards your products and services are calculated as the data is processed every second.

Categorize your users' conversion phases, buying time, time on the way to shopping, and trends in shopping. Organize pro-active campaigns according to trends.

Increase sales and create loyal customers with predictive marketing technology.

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